aI'm Josh. A pseudo-serial entrepreneur with a couple of businesses. Salt Made Off-road (SMO) is my most recent endeavor to combine my family's passion for the outdoors with a business. In addition to being a dealer for reputable brands like AMSOIL, MAXTRAX, and Wavian; we're designing and fabricating products for the off-road and camping marketplace where we see voids. Everything we make ourselves or utilize a local (to Salt Lake City) fabricator that has a similar vision and mission to ourselves. To quote myself...

We think:

  • What you do should have purpose.
    • We think everyone has the opportunity to put purpose in their work. And that if everyone did, the world would be a better place.
  • Form and function should be one.
    • There are things that are pretty. And there are things that work well. There are also things that just won't die or have life a lot longer than they should (like plastic bags or straws). Rarely are the three combined - but really they should always be one.
  • Take pride in your convictions.
    • Billy Baldwin said, "Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style." Stuff you love is repaired, refurbished, and handed-down. We think it's worth making a point in today's consumerism to have conviction in your purchases. Vote with your dollar and buy only things you love. Which is hopefully a lot fewer things altogether.

Here's how we think we're living out our own convictions:

  • One of the biggest influences on our community as a company is who we chose to do business with.
    • We source all of our raw materials from local companies that buy from USA manufacturers. If it's remotely feasible, we keep it local. Even if it's more expensive.
    • We subcontract out the work we can't perform to companies that gainfully employ people in our community. Small, locally owned is a must. A company with similar values to ours is a bonus. Again, even if it's more expensive.
  • We design, install, and fabricate only what we think:
    • Will stand the test of time. Not only in usability and durability - but in aesthetics. Reality is people follow trends and we hope what we're doing is more-or-less timeless.
    • Are best given our professional experience, ongoing education, and individual project restraints.
  • We won't compromise where we think it matters most.
    • We think part of the value we have to add is to draw a line in the sand when we think things are being done incorrectly. We aren't the people that blindly follow directions and there's a fair amount of things we altogether just won't do. Period.